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Do you know the Application of Steel Fiber Concrete in Floor Construction?

Feb. 26, 2021

As a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you.

Analysis of the force mechanism of steel fiber concrete

For steel fiber concrete, if the binding force is too large relative to the tensile strength of the steel fiber, the steel fiber will be broken during the stress process; if the binding force is too small relative to the tensile strength of the steel fiber, it will cause The steel fiber is pulled out during the stress process.

Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

The larger the ratio of steel fiber length to diameter, the greater the number of steel fibers per unit weight, and the more steel fiber action points in the same volume of concrete under the same dosage, the higher the load-bearing capacity of steel fiber concrete components. Within a certain range, the higher the amount of steel fiber, the stronger the load-bearing capacity of steel fiber concrete components.

The mechanism of steel fiber controlling cracks

The steel fiber itself has a certain tensile strength to ensure that the steel fiber will not be broken when working with the concrete; through the binding force between the steel fiber and the concrete, the steel fiber can effectively transmit and distribute the stress, which can effectively Control the development of cracks in concrete.

Strengthen the impact resistance of the structure

The steel fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete, so that the concrete structure is evenly reinforced in many aspects, so that the steel fibers can absorb a large amount of impact energy when the concrete structure is impacted, reducing stress concentration, and effectively controlling the generation of cracks in the concrete. development of.

Improve wear resistance and fatigue strength

After adding steel fiber, the abrasion resistance and fatigue strength of the concrete structure will be greatly improved, which can reduce the surface damage caused by impact. It is especially suitable for engineering parts with severe erosion damage and building structures with high fatigue strength requirements.

Improve the durability of concrete

For reinforced concrete, concrete will spall due to rust and expansion of steel bars. However, the cross-section of steel fiber in steel fiber concrete is very small, and the area and volume are relatively large. A thick alkaline film of calcium hydroxide will be formed around the steel fiber. This film has a good protective effect on the steel fiber; Fiber can reduce concrete cracks to prevent the intrusion of corrosive substances, thereby reducing or even avoiding the occurrence of such damage, greatly improving the durability of concrete, prolonging its service life, and reducing subsequent maintenance costs.

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