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How to Properly Prepare Steel Fiber Concrete?

Aug. 19, 2021

As a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you. The steel fiber reinforced concrete structure is a three-dimensional full cross-section, integral, isotropic concrete structure, and steel fiber can play a role of reinforcement no matter where it is. Steel fiber refers to the ratio of length to diameter (the ratio of fiber length to diameter) made by cutting thin steel wire, cold rolled strip shear, steel ingot milling, or rapid condensation of molten steel. When the fiber section is non-circular, the equivalent section circle is converted The diameter of the area) is 40 to 80 fibers. The properties of steel fiber produced by different preparation methods of steel fiber manufacturers are different. Although steel fiber came out soon, its application has become more and more extensive, and its types are also increasing. Reinforced concrete structures have protective layers and steel grid spaces. These parts are plain concrete. Under the influence of temperature stress and concrete shrinkage stress, these stresses will cause these parts to crack because there are no steel bars in the concrete, and the cracks will expand to more than 0.2 mm.

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

High Tenacity Steel Fiber

Steel fiber is divided into two types: coarse aggregate, small gap, concrete density and mass increase, which ensure the quality of concrete. There is also a fine aggregate, which is used to fill gravel or gravel and function on the wall to perform more repairs on the ground. The distribution of fibers in the production process is very important and must be stirred evenly to prevent the formation of steel fibers. The release sequence can be fed in the order of sand, fiber, stone, and cement. The stirrer must control the stirring time. The stirring time is long and cannot form a row of steel fiber clusters.

Steel fiber products are a very important part in the mixing process, which determines the overall physical and chemical properties of the final fiber reinforced concrete. Therefore, we must mix the maximum depth of the scientific method of high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete steel, so as to meet and exceed the design requirements. The fiber used in general, there is no external hand mixing, machine mixing two kinds. It is usually done by hand in small maintenance projects, and the total amount of concrete is not too much mixed, as long as the steel fiber is generally managed and mixed until the concrete is completely uniform. In the specific process that requires mechanical mixing, fiber products are added.

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