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What are the Influencing Factors of Steel Fiber?

Nov. 13, 2020

As a Concrete Steel Fiber Manufacturer, share with you.

According to various theories of fiber reinforcement mechanism, such as fiber spacing theory, composite material theory and micro-fracture theory, as well as analysis of a large number of experimental data, it can be determined that the fiber reinforcement effect mainly depends on the strength of the matrix (fm) and the aspect ratio of the fiber (The ratio of the length l of the steel fiber to the diameter d, that is, I/d), the volume ratio of the fiber (the volume percentage of the steel fiber in the steel fiber concrete), the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix (τ), and the fiber in the matrix The influence of the distribution and orientation (η). When the steel fiber concrete is damaged, most of the fibers are pulled out instead of being broken. Therefore, improving the bond strength between the fiber and the matrix is one of the main controlling factors to improve the fiber reinforcement effect.

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Performance of steel fiber


No matter what kind of processing method, the steel fiber will encounter high heat and rapid cooling during processing, which is equivalent to the quenched state. Therefore, the surface hardness of steel fibers is relatively high. When used for concrete reinforcement and mixing, bending rarely occurs. If the steel fiber is too hard or too brittle, it is easy to break when stirring, which will affect the reinforcement effect. When the steel fiber is produced by the melt pumping method, the steel fiber ejected from the melt pumping wheel centrifugally is still in a high temperature state, and must be dispersed and cooled by a roller or vibration conveying method. Otherwise, the steel fibers will accumulate, and the heat will be difficult to dissipate, and it will have an annealing effect.

Corrosion resistance

The introduction of the corrosion resistance test of steel fiber concrete shows that the cracked steel fiber concrete component is in a humid environment, the concrete is carbonized at the crack, and the steel fiber in the carbonized zone is corroded. The depth of carbonization and the degree of corrosion develop with time. For concrete, the post-crack radian and post-crack toughness are mainly used. Although the crack width is smaller than that of reinforced concrete, there are cracks in the end. Therefore, steel fiber concrete used in humid environments, especially on the seashore, should be used to prevent corrosion. Measures. The face test proved that the use of steel fibers with larger diameters can improve corrosion resistance under the premise of ensuring the same load-bearing capacity of steel fiber concrete components, and the use of epoxy resin or galvanized steel fibers will improve corrosion resistance If the construction process permits, this steel fiber can be used only on the surface of concrete 1-2cm, and non-inductive steel fiber can also be used when necessary.

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