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What are the Main Properties of Steel Fiber?

Oct. 16, 2020

As a Steel Fibers Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you. Steel fiber is a new and high-performance steel fiber variety. The design method of the mix ratio of steel fiber roads is basically the same as that of ordinary concrete, but the differences are: double control standard of strength (compressive strength and flexural tensile strength); the amount of steel fiber is determined according to the flexural and tensile strength required by the design; The rate is related to the fiber content. For every 0.5% steel fiber, the unit water consumption increases by 6kg and the sand rate increases by 2%.

Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

Steel fiber concrete has the same mixing, operation and construction performance as ordinary concrete. The fiber will not be balled up in the concrete and is evenly distributed. It can be produced in commercial concrete mixing plants and can be used for pumping construction. The early slump loss of milled steel fiber concrete is relatively large, with a loss of 32% in 30 minutes and 42% in 2 hours. The actual workability of steel fiber concrete is better than ordinary concrete with the same slump. Steel fiber concrete has good material properties. Compared with ordinary concrete, its compressive strength is increased by 2-20%; bending and tensile strength is increased by 20-50%; splitting tensile strength is increased by 20-40%; wear resistance is increased by 40 %, its physical and mechanical properties can fully meet the technical indicators of urban road engineering and inspection manhole covers and other supporting components. The rough and clean surface of the steel fiber can be firmly combined with the cement paste in the concrete. This is the fundamental reason why the milling of the steel fiber improves the various properties of the concrete.

In addition, high-strength steel brazed concrete has been widely used in railway sleeper prefabrication, expressway expansion joints, cement concrete pavement, etc. benefit.


Because the interface bonding between steel fiber and concrete matrix is mainly physical, that is, the transmission of frictional shear is the main factor. Therefore, for steel fiber itself, the bonding performance should be improved from two aspects of fiber surface and fiber shape. . There are four specific methods as follows.

1. Roughen the surface of the steel fiber and make the section irregular. This goal can be achieved by using the melt extraction method. Because the steel fiber shrinks unevenly and becomes rough when it is rapidly cooled with air, and the cross section also shrinks into a crescent shape, increasing the contact area with the substrate. One surface of milled steel fiber is smooth and the other surface is rough, which also increases the contact area with concrete.

2. Plastic processing of the fibers at a certain distance along the axis of the steel fiber.

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