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What are the Precautions for Steel Fiber Concrete When Cracks Propagate?

Sep. 06, 2021

When the cracks propagate in the steel fiber concrete, the steel fiber obviously improves the bending fatigue performance of the concrete. Under the action of dynamic load, firstly, the steel fiber overcomes the bonding force of the base material and is pulled out, or the steel fiber reaches the yield strength and is broken. This requires a lot of energy. Therefore, steel fiber concrete can improve the impact resistance. Steel fiber reinforced reinforced mesh concrete is a high-performance concrete material composed of steel bars and steel fiber concrete. It has better tensile performance, crack resistance, toughness and bearing capacity than reinforced concrete. Steel fiber reinforced reinforced concrete will greatly improve the crack resistance, wear resistance and durability of the bridge deck, extend the service life of the bridge, and reduce the number of repairs, and its cost is not higher than that of the asphalt concrete bridge deck. Therefore, in the long run, steel fiber reinforced reinforced concrete deck pavement has good economic benefits. 

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

The maintenance and manufacturing effect is very significant. With strong corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, steel fiber concrete plays an irreplaceable function in water conservancy projects, highway pavements, airport pavements, etc. by virtue of its good performance. Steel fiber concrete is a reinforcement product that people often use. Even under the corrosion of seawater, it still looks fresh. It can be used in spillways, stilling pools, gate bottom plates and other parts that are subject to high-speed water flow. Steel fiber concrete also has high tensile strength. , Anti-bending, anti-shear and other characteristics. The steel fiber concrete structure must ensure that its failure is ductile failure rather than brittle failure when it is broken, and it is necessary to ensure that the steel fibers in the two ends of the anchored concrete crack are pulled out instead of being broken when they are broken, that is, the steel fiber itself The tensile strength must be greater than its pull-out stress. When the volume ratio of steel fiber in steel fiber concrete is small to a certain level, it will not have a reinforcing effect. For different varieties and different length-to-diameter ratios of steel fibers, the minimum volume ratio is slightly different. Under the same strength, the amount of concrete can be reduced and saved. Steel fiber can shorten the construction period, and is especially suitable for larger projects that require continuous and rapid concrete pouring. Steel fiber concrete plays a pivotal role in construction projects.

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