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What are the Manufacturing Methods of Steel Fiber?

Oct. 30, 2020

Production method

As a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Supplier, share it with you.

There are four main manufacturing methods for steel fiber used in steel fiber concrete. The following are detailed information:

1. Wire cutting method

This processing method is relatively simple. Generally, cold drawn steel wires with a small diameter of 0.4-0.8mm are used as raw materials, and the steel wires are cut into short fibers according to a prescribed length. The tensile strength of steel fiber produced by this method is much higher than that of steel fiber processed by other methods, reaching 1000-2000MPa.

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber

The processing method can be a cutter or punch. In order to improve efficiency, rotary cutters are often used for cutting. Because the cold drawn steel wire is expensive, the steel fiber produced by this method has a higher cost. Another disadvantage of this method of producing steel fibers is that the surface is smoother and the bonding strength with concrete and other substrates is low. In order to increase the bonding strength between steel fiber and concrete and other substrates, it is often used to change the shape of steel fiber, that is, to solve the problem by producing special-shaped steel fiber. There are three common methods: ⑴ Pressing edge method: before cutting the steel wire, The pinch roller for the steel wire is on the steel wire

Press out prismatic pits.

⑵Wave method: Before cutting the steel wire, the steel wire is pressed into a waveform with the pinch roller feeding the steel wire and then cut.

⑶ Hook method: Before cutting the wire, use the pinch roller of the feed wire to press out the hook shape at equal distances and then cut. In production, water-soluble adhesives are commonly used to bond them together, thereby reducing the aspect ratio. After the bundled steel fibers are put into the concrete mixer, the binder quickly dissolves in water, and the steel fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete.

2. Thin plate shearing method

The thin plate shearing method is a method of cutting cold-rolled thin steel plates into steel fibers. Before cutting, the thin cold-rolled coils are cut into strip coils with a special small slitting machine. The width of the strip coils is the same as the length of the steel fibers. , And then the strip coil is continuously fed into the rotary cutter or ordinary punching machine for cutting, the axis of the rotary cutter and the feeding direction of the sheet are perpendicular to each other. The raw material is generally annealed cold-rolled steel sheet, and unannealed cold-rolled steel sheet can also be used to increase the strength.

3. Steel ingot milling method

The raw material used is steel fiber made of thick steel plate or steel ingot, which is cut with a rotating flat-edged iron knife. When cutting, the steel fiber will produce very plastic deformation and twist between the shafts, which can increase the bonding force with concrete and other substrates. If ordinary low-carbon steel is used as the raw material, the cut steel fiber will have a radian about twice and a half of that of the base material after work hardening, making it a high-strength, high-hardness steel fiber.

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